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The DEPRAG range of air motors consists of:


Air motors provide a safe and durable method of powering an application. They are typically used in applications where a high performance drive is required and where the possibility of overload is high, as air motors are overload safe. For this reason they are often used instead of electric motors. As air motors are compact in size, power to weight ratio is also a major advantage.


Air motors are ideal for use in the following applications, amongst others:

  • Food Processing – motors are sealed, resistant to cleaning solvents and operate without oil.
  • Foundries and Power Plants – Robust, conform to ATEX, insensitive to dust, long life and high performance
  • Automotive – Conform to ATEX, high performance, robust and a long life span.
  • Paper Industry – Stainless steel, reliable, easy maintenance
  • Chemical Industry – Conforms to ATEX, resistant to cleaning agents, long life.

In order for us to assist you to find the correct DEPRAG motor for your application please supply us with the following information:

  • Application
  • Speed required
  • Torque required
  • Nominal power required
  • Spindle size
  • Shaft diameter
  • Space or size restrictions


The BASIC LINE product range includes air vane motors which have proved to be inexpensive, popular drives for use in normal production environments.

These motors are constructed from cast iron with the advantage of a patented vane exchange feature directly on the motor.

The BASIC LINE air motors are available in the power ranges:

  • 200W
  • 400W
  • 600W

They are ATEX certified, robust and reliable. The motors have a large torque range and are reversible.

Deprag Air Vane Motors

Deprag Air Vane Motor Detail

Deprag Air Vane Motor Detail

The BASIC LINE product range includes Air Vane Motors


The ADVANCED LINE is DEPRAG’s broad selection of stainless steel motors. These are sealed, oil‐free, non‐corrosive air motors.

These high quality stainless steel motors are especially suitable for paper and food industries, for chemical and pharmaceutical industries and also for applications in medical technology.

The air motors are small and thus suitable for installation in handheld machines or systems.

The power range extends from 20W to 1.2 kW and from low speed motors to high revolution speeds. These motors are also ATEX certified.


The POWER LINE range includes high powered bracket and flanges motors.

The range is highly versatile and the advantage in comparison to electric motors is the high start torque combined with an unparalleled low performance weight.

They are available in the power range 1.6 to 1.8 kW

Deprag Power Line Air Motors

Deprag Power Line Air Motors

Deprag POWER LINE air motor type 68-0054, 5.1 kW

Deprag POWER LINE air motor type 68–0054, 5.1 kW

Deprag POWER LINE air motor type 68-0065, 18 kW

Deprag POWER LINE air motor type 68–0065, 18 kW


The INDIVIDUAL LINE offers low cost air motors customized by the specialists at DEPRAG.

Various options are available from which individual drive solutions can be developed.

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