STAG® Jointing Compound

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STAG® is the easy-to-use jointing compound for quick and efficient sealing of threaded water pipe connections as well as steam, LPG and oil pipe line connections.

STAG® Products in Use

STAG® Products in Use

STAG® Jointing Compound is in paste form, and is easily applied by brush, and easily removed when joints have to be remade.

NOTE: Beware of Imitations


  • Has high electrical insulation properties
  • Resistant to high pressures and temperatures
  • Non poisonous
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Arrests battery terminal corrosion
  • Resistant to:
    • Oil
    • Petrol
    • Benzene
    • Water
    • Steam
    • Certain acids (e.g. battery acid)

Technical Data

  • Colour: dark reddish brown
  • Shelf Life: in excess of 12 months provided properly sealed
  • Thinner: methylated spirits
  • Flash Point: 21°C
  • Relative density: 1,60 1,80 (Typically 1,77)
  • Viscosity: 95 115 Krebs units at 25°C
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