Deprag Screw Feeders

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Originally designed for heavy duty screws the new Deprag screw feeders are able to feed all types of :

  • Screws
  • Threaded Bolts
  • Set‐screws, Pins
  • Rivets, Nuts, Washers
  • O‐rings And Many Other Small Components.

Deprag feeders mainly consist of the feeder unit with housing, positioning system, the separator, air connection and electronic connection.

Two types of feeders are available:

Vibratory Bowl feeder

The vibratory magnet generates a micro wave movement which effectively transports the screws.

Deprag Vibratory Bowl feeder

Deprag Vibratory Bowl feeder

Sword Feeder

A lift rail moves through a container which is filled with screws. This rail sorts and lifts the screws and transport is done by gravity.

Deprag Sword Feeders

Deprag Sword Feeders

Video clips of Deprag Screwfeeding

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