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Wilkerson® Air Regulators are designed with balanced valves for high performance flows and good regulation characteristics in a compact package.

General purpose regulators

Designed to reduce supplied air pressure to a desired outlet pressure and also to change fluctuating air supply to a relatively constant reduced air pressure.

Wilkerson® M08 Regulator Wilkerson® M18 Regulator Wilkerson® M28 Regulator
Wilkerson® M08 Regulator Wilkerson® M18 Regulator  Wilkerson® M28 Regulator

Dial Air

The Dial-Air™ regulator is a constant bleed, piston operated regulator. The pilot controlled pressure reducing valve provides exceptionally high air flow with steady pressure control and minimal secondary pressure drop.

Wilkerson® R31 Dial Air Regulator
 Wilkerson® R31 Dial Air Regulator

Precision Regulators

These are used in applications that require reliable performance and accurate pressure control.

Wilkerson® P16 Precision Regulator
Wilkerson® P16 Precision Regulator
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